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How to remodel your home without renovations

Made for Homeowners, Renters, and Designers on a Budget

In under three hours, this course will teach you how to easily transform your home

I want to help you...
Create interiors you love without frustrations.
Avoid the pitfalls of bad planning and wasteful trendy decor.
Find your own style, without the regrets of trial and error.

From Erinn V.

You’ll learn how simple changes and decoration can completely transform a house from an uninspiring place into a bright and inviting home, increasing its value while doing it on a budget! You’ll also receive my Designer Tool Kit, your guide to budgeting, styling, colors, lighting, flooring, and more, to help you design like a pro.


In this course, you’ll learn:

  • How to find your own style, so you can create something you’ll be proud of!
  • You’ll get my Recipe for Design, a formula to create your vision and avoid regrets!
  • How to style bedrooms, living rooms, and family rooms to produce comfortable spaces.
  • How to balance functionality and style in bathrooms and kitchens so that these spaces improve your standard of living.
  • How to choose the size of furniture for a room, wall decorations and accessories so your designs are a success.
  • The three main design concepts to consider. This will challenge the way you’re thinking about your project, so you get a result you’ll love.

Meet Your Instructor

Award Winning Interior Designer ERINN V.

What you’ll experience with this course?

In this course, I reveal, room by room, how you can change a house, on a budget, into a showpiece!

This course gives you the rare opportunity of seeing authentic transformations on a real project, with before and after pictures.
This is a real treat for those who crave truthful life examples of how a house can be renovated.
As I go through each remodeled area, I will give you the reasoning behind my actions for restyling these rooms, as well as deliver some of the most powerful insights on designing your own home.
As a bonus, you’ll also receive my Designer Tool Kit. This is a bird’s eye view of how to approach your next project and will be a priceless resource for you.

Hear what other students have to say…

“I didn’t know what to think about this course, but as soon as she started explaining how to create a style you like for your home, I was like, alright! I can do that. I liked it when she goes over finding the right color palette for a room, which is something I really needed to learn. I definitely have some extra tools that I can use to improve the mood of my house.”

“I wish my husband and I did this course before we started decorating our house. I spent so much money buying furniture from catalogs, and at the end of the day we didn’t achieve the look we wanted. It was too bland, not us. Live and learn.”

“This course was very interesting, you watch Erinn going around the house and she tells you what she did and all of the sudden, she drops these amazing insights into what to do with this and that room. You’re like What!! She changed my perspective on so many things. Just a wealth of information, delivered in such an approachable way. A unique approach”

What is included:


Where to Start?

In this lesson, learn the basics to start an interior design project. What to prioritize, the Recipe for Design, using mood boards, and more. 


Setting the Mood for the Whole House

Learn how the entry area of the house can set the mood for the rest of the house. Find out about the importance of balancing between function and aesthetics. 


How to Style a Large Space

Learn how accessories are sized properly for the size of a room. How to use the color palette, how greenery can be utilized, etc.


How to Change an Area, the Simple Way

What is the overarching principle that should be followed to achieve a stunning dining room?  See how an area can be transformed with simple improvements that anyone can make. 


Extreme Kitchen Makeover Simplified

This lesson is replete with vital information to understand how a kitchen should function and how to decorate it.


How to Make a Room Cozy

Learn how to coordinate the colors on the walls and from items to achieve a cozy feeling. 


Balancing Color & Light

Learn how to highlight the views coming from a window. How to choose paint for a ceiling, coordinate different shades of colors on walls, the sizing of rugs, and much more.


Picking the Perfect Accessories

Learn to base the color palette for a room on a specific item. Also, learn about bedding, art usage, light fixtures, window treatment, etc.


A Complete Change of Look

Learn about bathroom tiling, vanities, sinks, and styling a small space. 


Changing the Vibe of a Place

In this lesson, you’ll learn about flooring and rugs and what to choose. Also, gain knowledge on wood tones, bedding, and more. 


Giving a Bathroom a Room Vibe

In this lesson, Erinn changes the vibe of a bathroom from its stereotypical cold mood to a warm room feeling. Also, in this lesson, she revisits the concept of “hiding” daily life from view, for a m...


Exterior and Curb Appeal

Learn to make greenery functional and the basic ideas for architecture in a landscape design.  


The Bigger Idea

Here you’ll find out about the bigger picture in any renovation. 

Create interiors you love without frustrations


In under three hours, this course will teach you how to easily transform your home.