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Interior Design
Complete Training

$1,032 $99 $49

The foundational knowledge you need to cultivate your own distinctive style & master the techniques to make any space more inspiring.


Erinn's training is for you if…

With so many choices available you don’t know how to get started.

You don’t know how to find your own style.

You see interiors you love and wish you could recreate them in your own home.

“My home has been looking a little sad. I’ve been wanting to do a refresh myself but I had no idea where to start. These courses really helped me develop a design that was amazing and the results are incredible.”

“Interior design always seemed like magic that only an artist could pull off. Now that I have studied Erinn’s lessons I walk around homes and hotels and I can see how everything was put together. It’s not magic... And I can do it too!!!”

“I didn’t want to hire a designer for my home but I also didn’t know how to bring myself into the aesthetic of the home without it being a jumbled mess. The way I can make decisions now I feel almost professional. Career change maybe? ;) Thanks so much Erinn!”

What's Included?

12 Lessons (56m)

Bedroom Design 101

Value $97

Learn how to create a bedroom that is functional and gorgeous.

Master bedrooms often get a large slice of a project’s budget. It’s a room that has to welcome you in the evening to wind down and wake you in the morning to set you off on your day. This course will bring you through all the major elements of creating a successful design and making sure the bedroom is functional and fabulous. These tips can be applied to any type of bedroom and will bring a boring space to beautiful in no time.

20 Lessons (2h 4m)

Interior Design Masterclass

Value $199

Learn to create an inviting space that your family will love.

In this masterclass, you’ll learn my tried and tested basics as well as advanced ideas I use in every room I design. These will form your “tool kit” for every project you tackle in the future. I will also share my budget-friendly tips and teach you the essential vocabulary you need to bring your vision to life.

12 Lessons (1h 25m)

Living Room Design 101

Value $157

Learn to design a beautiful and functional living room.

Living Rooms are either the hero of the home or can be often overlooked these days as the least-used rooms in the house. You’ll learn how to determine the focal point and maximize the style for a gorgeous and dramatic moment, along with expert advice on all elements needed to finish the room.

11 Lessons (49m)

Dining Room Design 101

Value $97

Learn to create a remarkable dining room space.

Dining Rooms are meant to be special and inviting social spaces. My tips on how to create a winning dining room design will leave your guests wanting to linger for hours to come. In this course, we will take an in-depth look at how to achieve a successful design in any dining room area. You will learn how to blend styles, time periods, architecture, and different points of view. You’ll discover how to create visual tension, originality, and appeal.

8 Lessons (1h 12m)

Interior Design Start to Finish

Value $157

Learn to take any interior design from drawing to reality.

This course walks you through the pre-planning, construction and after images of one of my million-dollar complete renovation and design projects. I will share my complete design process for this home. Learn my creative design process step-by-step, including tips for problem-solving awkward areas of a home. I will show you the inspiration images, Visual Guide and presentations for the furnishings, lighting and décor and you will see the final product.

6 Lessons (33m)

Fireplaces, Built-Ins & Media Walls Quickstart

Value $57

My most used tricks for remodeling a fireplace.

The hearth of the home, a great fireplace design is the star of whichever room it is in. In this course, you’ll learn my tips for making it look like a million bucks, and how to ensure that your fireplace design is lasting, never trendy, and a key focal point of the space. From hiding electronics to adding architectural appeal, you’ll learn how to design and style built-in cabinetry and media walls like a pro. Including how to hide the TV in plain sight.

7 Lessons (1h 11m)

Styling A Room - The Art of the Mix

Value $97

Make your home feel personalized and effortlessly complete.

Size, scale, color, vibe. These are all words that you will become intimately aware of as part of your new vocabulary through this course. You’ll learn my professional tips for creating maximum impact on your walls with minimal spending. Learning how to hone your eye as a visual stylist when accessorizing your own space room is the key to making a great design feel complete. Just as in fashion, the right styling and accessories can make or break a look.

7 Lessons (23m)

Window Coverings Quickstart

Value $57

Learn to choose and style the perfect window coverings.

Window coverings and lighting in the living room are a unique opportunity to create ambiance and drama. In this course, I share my favorite options for window coverings, including placement, scale, and material. You will learn how to scale your window treatments effectively to maximize architecture, what to consider when selecting fabrics and upholstery, and how to bring your overall design vision to life through the eyes of any room - the window.

4 Lessons (23m)

Wallcovering Quickstart

Value $57

Learn the magic that can be created with wallcovering options.

Wallcovering is an imaginative way to brighten up any space. With an array of colorful options and textures on the market, wallpapers are the ideal source for adding subtle texture, elegance, and depth to a room. I’ll show you my favorite colors, palettes, and schemes for wallcoverings and what to consider in each room. If you’re looking for a way to make small interiors more interesting, wallpaper is a key finishing touch!

7 Lessons (30m)

Outdoor Spaces Design Quickstart

Value $57

Learn how to bring your outdoor living space vision to life!

From curating the perfect patio for entertaining groups to renovating your swimming pool, the value and fun of upgrading an outdoor space can’t be overstated. In this course, I’ll walk you through some of my favorite design and architecture additions for adding curb appeal and enjoyment to the great outdoors.

Imagine you could…

  • Understand how elements work together, right from the planning stage.
  • Develop your own style and feel able to create a space that represents you.
  • Think like a pro and create the look that you dreamed of.

"I created these courses so that anyone can learn the most important things to consider when designing a room and how to layer different elements to create an amazing overall effect."

Erinn Valencich


9h 3m


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Today's Special Deal Offer!

Act Now, Black Friday special offer is guaranteed only for the next...

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Interior Design
Complete Training

$1,032 $99 $49

The foundational knowledge you need to cultivate your own distinctive style & master the techniques to make any space more inspiring.